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'WHO NEEDS HAWAII' - Cass Hopetoun 
Directed by LAWRENCE LIM (Tribal Apes)
'fortune teller' - Cass Hopetoun 
Directed by Bruce Dawson (Tribal Apes)
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'shots' - Cass Hopetoun 
Directed by Bruce Dawson (Tribal Apes)
'TYPICAL BRIDE' - Cass Hopetoun 
Directed by Bruce Dawson (Tribal Apes)



Photo by Amy Benjamin


A somewhat unsuspecting lady of the limelight, Cass Hopetoun stumbled upon her talent for song after a school friend ‘dragged her along to the choir’ as a young student. Upon performing her first solo, the scene was quite obviously set for what was to become a lifelong passion, or as Cass puts it ‘the bug’.


Growing up in the Blue Mountains, like many good, self-respecting young women have a tendency to, Cass saw inspiration and admiration in pop sensation and female vocalist Delta Goodrem. Idolising her voice and stage persona, Cass began to learn to play the piano and take up regular singing lessons, to try and become a closer version of her star-spangled muse. Naturally, mimicry turned into personal growth and an exploration through the world of music, into musical theatre and an eventual landing in the genre of Country Music, where she now resides. Her voice is one that bears traces to the likes of some of the great country singers like Dolly Parton, Brandy Clark, The Civil Wars and Margo Price.


The first of her family to take up a career in music, Cass dealt with the inevitable questions of ‘How are you going to make this work?’ ‘What will be your real job?’. To her credit, she has put the skills to good use, creating her own business and performing her songs live for regular weekend performances. Her move into Country music was affirmed when covering Dolly Parton’s iconic ‘9-5’, when Cass recalls having an ‘Ah-Ha moment’ for the genre. Like so many of the singer-songwriters that have preceded her, the passion for the music and the expression of her singing and writing has led her to follow her path with a youthful determination to succeed. Adversity has bred dedication, doubt has fostered strength, and ultimately the young singer has embarked on her career with the support and love of her family behind her. 


Her songwriting inspiration is something that Cass finds no difficulty in sourcing “I’m inspired by stories I’ve heard from other people... or from a show I’ve been watching...or a book... or my own daily life! They all start quite literally, but then they evolve and take on their own form along the way. I’m constantly writing down ideas for songs - sort of like a blurb for a book.”


Her fiance and fellow musician Blake Dantier collaborate on regular occasions, which she describes as being a helpful and enjoyable part of her songwriting process. “I start writing on my own a lot of the time and then I bring them to Blake and we collaborate on it together. I might sit on a chorus/hook for months and then one day the rest of the songs flows out, or I get a whole song in a sitting -it just depends!”


The passion for the music is a tangible thing in Cass’s writing and singing. As she muses “it literally makes my soul feel happy, there’s not really another way to describe it.” 



Since the release of her debut single ‘Shots’ at the beginning of 2020, Cass has released a number of singles, with over 300,000 Spotify and Apple Music streams, and a No. 1 spot on the National Country Music Charts in 2020 for her song ‘Typical Bride’. Her 2021 song ‘Who Needs Hawaii’ also hit the No.1 position on the KIX Country Hottest 20 and CMT Top 30 charts. Quite a feat for the relative ‘newbie’.


Her live performances include a tour with well known group Hurricane Fall, as well as shows with co-writer Andrew Swift, who she shares the duet ‘Say The Word’ with (which soared to #3 on the Country Airplay Charts). Cass has also attended the 2021 Tamworth Country Music Festival, where she won Best New Songwriter at the TSA Awards and was nominated for Best New Talent at the Golden Guitar Awards. 


The drive is clearly there to succeed. An artist with a passion for the whole experience of writing and performing, Cass is in for the long haul. You’ll be hearing from her soon, and if she has it her way, well into the years that follow.


Photo by Amy Benjamin



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